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In an effort to compete in the market for next-generation automobiles, Sony, a Japanese company, showed a prototype of the new “Afeela” electric cars it will construct with Honda on Wednesday. Sony said it would make use of its massive entertainment material.

Sony Honda Mobility officially unveils its Afeela EV concept at CES 2023 | Engadget
Source: Engadget

Where was it first seen?

The Afeela, which has rounded sides and a sleek black roof, was first shown off by Sony at the CES 2023 technology trade event in Las Vegas. The vehicle will make use of Qualcomm Inc.’s “Snapdragon” digital chassis and other hardware components.

Why an EV

The prototype, which was unveiled at the CES 2023 technology trade show in Las Vegas, is Sony’s attempt to establish a claim in the rapidly expanding market for electric vehicles as it seeks to leverage both its long-standing expertise in sensors and its content for entertainment inside the cars.

Sony’s eagerly anticipated entry into the electric vehicle market, which it announced in March in a partnership with Honda, demonstrates how automakers are putting more emphasis on the cockpit experience in cars, which offers the potential to sell content via subscription services cars, especially as autonomous driving capabilities advance.

According to Yashuhide Mizuno, the CEO of Sony Honda Mobility, regular software upgrades and high-performance processing are necessary to realize intelligent mobility. We will collaborate closely with Qualcomm to achieve that.

Sony-Honada JV may unveil first EV in January 2023
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The Snapdragon Ride Flex SoC, a new CPU from Qualcomm unveiled on Wednesday, manages both cockpit and assisted driving features, including entertainment. According to a Qualcomm official, combining those operations that were previously handled by separate processors can help lower expenses.

The details we know

Sony is attempting to make use of its historical advantages in sensors. According to Mizuno, the Afeela will include more than 40 sensors. The “Unreal Engine” 3-D development technology from Epic Games, the company behind the “Fortnite” video game franchise, will be used to create the automobile.

Honda may be able to accelerate its gradual transition to electric vehicles thanks to its partnership with Sony. With its Acura brand, it has battled over the years to gain ground in the premium automobile market. The venture has stated that the new EV will be expensive.

By the beginning of 2026, North America will receive its first electric automobiles thanks to a partnership between Sony Group Corp. and Honda Motor Co.

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