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Relationships between countries have often been quite long-lasting. Where there are rivalries between two places, there are also friendships. The entire world can always feel the conflict between two countries, and so can friendship. Today, we look at a tie that has been there for more than 70 years now. We are referring to the relationship between Pakistan and China.

These two have been neighbors ever since Pakistan was made independent in 1947. The two countries have moved forward with a glorious friendship, and in light of that, a new song has been released.

Pak china friendship and song
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Pak – China Relations

The two countries have indeed been at peace with each other for a long time now. They have been present through thick and thin, and they have not shown any betrayal moves. Pakistan has been helpful to China in its endeavors and vice versa. China is one of the prime exporters of new vehicle brands towards Pakistan. Brands like Changan, Haval, and Sazgar are all set to be a part of Pakistan.

In fact, Changan has been one of the most popular brands in Pakistan since 2020. The pandemic has not hindered the relations between the two countries and has only strengthened them. China and Pakistan seem to be taking care of each other as the years progress, even helping each other out of jams. Today, we take a look at the song that has been released.

Celebrating 70 Years

In light of this, a song has been released. It is going by the name of ‘Teri Meri Sada Dosti’. This refers to a hope that lies between the two countries. The hope is that their partnership/friendship should go on for many years to come. China can even help Pakistan in the progression of technology. Back then, Pakistan used to launch its satellites from China. Now, we have the resources available to do it from our own country.

Here we have the song for you that was released in light of the long-standing friendship.

As we can see, the song talks about many things. It discusses the love, truth, and honesty that the two countries share. Unlike some rivalries in this world, they are not dishonest with each other. Instead, they are pretty straightforward. The song also hopes towards the fact that this friendship should be everlasting.

It also talks about how there is unity in strength. The two stand together through thick and thin and they hope they continue to do so. The goes on to discussing how friendship should not wilt despite any circumstances.

Happy Moments

We hope that the relationship between Pakistan and China continues to stand firm through the years. There should be no amount of adversity that can overcome this. Who knows, maybe we make more developments together as the decades progress.

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