Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Uranus will move through the sky in a planetary parade tonight March 27. Depending on where on Earth astronomy fans are located, the five planets will be visible in the night sky between March 27 and March 28, according to numerous media reports. It also offers astrology enthusiasts a rare chance to predict how their horoscope will be affected by the alignment of the five planets. All of the planets will be visible in a region of the sky near the waxing crescent moon, however, they won’t all appear in a straight line.

Tonight, you will get to witness one of the most exciting stargazing events of 2023. In the evening, you will be able to see 5 planets in a beautiful line with the moon.

How You Can See It? 

Here’s how you’re going to want to find them no matter where you are in the world. Try getting away from the mountains, trees, and buildings. Look to the western horizon around 20 minutes after the sun has set. You will have to be quick because the window will shut after just 30 minutes. You will see Mercury and Jupiter shining brightly down near the horizon, the brighter of the two being Jupiter. Looking up higher you will find the “Evening Star”, which will be planet Venus.

Up next, you will be looking at Mars just above the Moon. And finally, the hardest planet to spot will be Uranus. It will be right beside Venus but really difficult to see without a pair of binoculars or a telescope.

Image Source: Astronomy

One can only imagine how the celestial night sky will look. But the alignment will seem “very pretty,” in fact magical, according to Bill Cooke, a lead at NASA’s meteoroid environment office, who spoke about the event. “If you go outside, right at sunset, right after the sun goes down and look west, you’ll see these planets strung out in a line extending about 50 degrees or so,” he said, adding, “Anybody who can see the sun will be able to see it.” 

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