Pakistani cricketers Sohaib Maqsood and Aamer Yamin sparked outrage over alleged corruption within the Sindh Police after a troubling encounter.

Both representing Multan Regions in the National T20 Cup, encountered Sindh Police while returning home from Karachi to Multan.

They accused law enforcement officials of stopping them forcefully on their way home and demanding bribes.

Sharing their ordeal on social media, Sohaib Maqsood and Aamer Yamin criticized the Sindh Police for their conduct, expressing relief that they didn’t reside in Sindh.

“We’re lucky to live in Punjab, not in Sindh. This was my first time travelling from Karachi to Multan by road, and the Sindh police’s corruption is evident,” Sohaib Maqsood stated on X (formerly Twitter).

Narrating their experience, Sohaib Maqsood highlighted how the police stopped them repeatedly, asking for money and even threatening them without valid reasons.

“Even after we explained we were international cricketers heading home after our match in Karachi, they still extorted 8000 rupees from us,” Maqsood lamented.

Aamer Yamin also voiced the same sentiments and even mentioned relevant authorities in his post on social media to bring their attention to the issue.

Responding to their allegations, Inspector General (IG) Sindh Riffat Mukhtar took prompt action, directing DIG Shaheed Benazirabad to conduct an urgent investigation into the incident. The IG emphasized strict measures against those found involved, confirming the Sindh Police’s representative.

Social media reaction over the incident

The incident highlighted concerns over alleged misconduct within law enforcement, prompting many people to come forward and share their similar experiences with Sindh Police.


While some expressed sympathy with cricketers, some people called them out for ‘racial superiority’ in their posts as corruption is a common problem across the country.

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