Ali Zafar and his brother Daniyal Zafar, also known as Danny Zee, recently released another song “Phaar De//Sushi” in collaboration with Atlanta rapper Mykko Montana.

Daniyal Zafar showcases a never-before-seen persona as he raps his verses, surrounded by an entourage of women with some glimpses of him in a hot tub. Meanwhile, Ali Zafar weaves Punjabi verses into the mix, sharing the screen with Pakistani women adorned in vibrant ethnic ensembles.

Social media is buzzing with contrasting views on the Punjabi trap and the music video, shot in both Los Angeles and Lahore, Pakistan.

The Zafar brothers spoke of their aspiration to transcend cultural borders through their music. “I always believed I could break barriers. Going to India for Bollywood was a big thing as a Pakistani, but it opened hearts… and showed how we can work together and have fun,” Ali Zafar reflected on his journey.

However, his fans are not feeling it.

Comment section filled with mixed reactions with some comparing their appearance to a desi version of the famous pirate from the Caribbean, while others got a bit more hurtful.

However, the comment section wasn’t entirely brutal.

Their hybrid composition made an impressive debut, with its release through Rolling Stone, and quickly amassed an impressive 3 million views on YouTube within just two days.

This release follows Danny Zee’s bilingual single, “Jee Karda // Stupefied,” from July, and his collaboration with Ozzy and Shaun Enzo on “32 BOR.”

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