royal couple meet imran khan

The nation is abuzz with excitement and chatter ever since the royal couple, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Pakistan for their official visit.

From their clothes, to their schedule to their meetings and the rickshaw they arrived in to visit the Pakistan monument , every single thing is being discussed.

On October 15th, the royal couple visited the official residence of Imran Khan.

Photos and videos of them meeting and interacting with the Prime Minister were all over social media:

However, Pakistanis cannot help but notice that Bushra Bibi is nowhere to be seen in the photos.

Considering how significant her place is, social media seems a little disappointed in not being able to see her participation in international tours and other such affairs.

Some think she is being kept away due to the fear of being criticized for her veil, while others think it is by her own choice that she remains to be unseen in these events.


Amidst all this criticism, many Pakistanis have spoken in favor of her.

They are of the opinion that she should be entitled to her own choice, even if there is a religious reason behind it.

Moreover, some have also pointed out that if the public expects her to show up and participate because she is the First Lady, they are wrong.

She is not the First Lady, Dr. Arif Alvi’s wife is, as he is the President of Pakistan and he WAS present alongside his wife to meet and greet the royal couple.

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