Google and Apple have sparked a debate over the past couple of days.

This debate has stirred a new wave of controversies and has split social media. While one side disagrees, the other one has a different perspective.

Both leading brands have been accused of allegedly removing Palestine from their maps.

When a user searches for Palestine on both Google Maps and Apple Maps, they see the Gaza Strip outline as well as the West Bank territories, but no Palestine.

The accusation of the removal started when an Instagram user ‘Astagfirolah’ posted a series of messages which went viral, claiming that both giants have “officially removed” Palestine from their maps.

Later on, an update was added to the viral post claiming that this post had false information. It continued that Palestine had never been added to the maps in the first place.

The post reads:

Update: This Post Contains False Information As Palestine was *never* put on worldwide maps.

However we have spread awareness on this issue.

Because maps develop TO our national coNsciousness. We need our voices to be louder this time. Use your voice. Use your power.

This is a revolutionary year, and we will fight for the needed change to bring palestine on the maps.

Palestine removed from maps
PC: Astagfirolah

However, since the break of the news, several newspapers and publications have claimed that this was done on purpose as both tech titans are influenced and support Isreal’s occupation.

It is also important to mention here that Palestine has been recognized by the United Nations as well as 136 of its members as an ‘independent state.’

No official comment has come by either Google or Apple on this matter. However, on Google’s website, there is a portion of text in regards to disputed boundaries which reads:

Disputed boundaries are displayed as a dashed gray line. The places involved don’t agree on a boundary.

Petition To Add Palestine On Google Maps

Reportedly, this is not the first time when Google has been accused of removing Palestine from its map.

In 2016, a petition had been filed on, where the claim was that Palestine had been removed on Google Maps on Isreal’s insistence and that because both founders are Jewish, they have close ties with the nation. The petition remains active today.

Social Media Reacts On Removal Of Palestine 

Here’s how social media has responded to the removal of Palestine from Google Maps and Apple Maps.

What do you think is the real truth behind Palestine’s disappearance from both the maps?

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