Snap Map appears set to get two new features that will better illustrate a user’s day by creating Bitmoji effects that show their physical environment.

This time last year Snapchat introduced its Snap Map, putting Bitmojis in a user’s last seen location onto a map. Since then, a user’s Bitmoji world has received a few fun and addictive features, such as ‘Explore’ for getting updates on where friends are traveling to and ‘Actionmoji,’ which predict a user’s activity so the Bitmoji can do the same. Near an airport? Your lookalike avatar is flying a plane on Snap Map.

Now, according to a report from Mashable, there are two new features in the works that will bring a Bitmoji’s world even more to life — Weather and World Effects.

Weather Effects bring clouds, rain, and sunshine to a user’s Bitmoji, as well as their friends. Zoom in on someone’s Bitmoji to see what kind of day they are having, whether sunny or snowy.

As for World Effects, this feature will bring various themed animations to users on special occasions or mark significant events, such as confetti on a birthday or hearts on Valentine’s Day.

For anyone who hasn’t yet discovered their Bitmoji’s world, it may be because it’s like a hidden secret within the app. To enter, the Snapchatter has to open the camera mode and using two fingers, zoom out, opening up a bird’s eye view of the location and the first Bitmoji, the “Me”. The more you zoom out, the greater the scope, revealing Bitmojis of your friends in other countries.

Heat patches on the map show where a lot of snaps are being taken, potentially revealing real-time happenings from the perspective of people on the scene. These could include everything from a big sporting event, concert, to a natural disaster or accident.

These features require location sharing to be on, which isn’t the preference of everyone; for those who don’t want to share, there’s a “Ghost Mode” that can be set to on, off or timer. Furthermore, there is “select friends” for a controlled version of who sees where the user is. It should be noted that Snap Maps doesn’t use background location.

Although no specific date has been given for the roll-out of Weather and World Effects according to a report in The Verge they are “coming soon.”