KitKat is probably the world’s most-loved chocolate bar. It has always been able to come up with new ideas for its ad campaigns that are unique, catchy, and funny at times too. “Have a Break, Have a KitKat” has always been their slogan, and let’s be honest, it is iconic and legendary. You hear this and you think of KitKat. Now that could just be a very smart marketing tactic or it just could be that the chocolate itself is so good that people can’t get enough of it ever. Whatever, it is their ads are a huge part of their massive sales number.

This ad above is one of the ads from the new campaign and it’s absolutely relatable and hilarious. We’ve all been in a situation at a gathering where we are being kissed left and right and not in a good way. It’s the overwhelming affection from the “aunties” that is just too much to handle and that is when you really need a break. And that is when you should break a KitKat and have it to feel relaxed.

There’s another ad too where there is a guy who is being absolutely manhandled by the hairdresser and is having a lot of things done to him at the same time and it can clearly be seen that he is not enjoying any of it. Eventually, when he is literally done with all of that he takes out a KitKat and breaks a bar and eats it which helps them regain his composure.

So basically this means that whenever any of you are stuck in an unwanted and unpleasant situation of which the chances are likely, you just need a Kit Kat to snap back into peace. I think their slogan “Have a KitKat Have a Break” is quite literally true now. You need a break, you need a KitKat.

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