Smartwatches working from human power
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There are two articles of clothing that are always caught by the eye. One of them is an essential article, the second is a vital accessory. These two items are shoes and watches. These are two items that are always under observation when a person walks into a room. They stand out from the rest of the attire.

So, with the 21st century turning a decade, Smartwatches have become a thing of today. Everyone is looking to buy one and they have every right to. Smart Watches offer an ocean of features and possibilities to the user. They have so many features that you can spend the entire year just sitting and fiddling with it. The Apple smartwatch is in a deadly competition with Fitbit sense. That kept in mind, there is news circulating of human-powered smartwatches!

Smart Watches new norm
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Smart Watches; The new Norm:

Smart Watches took the technological world by storm when they were first introduced. It was such an astonishing feature to have a heartbeat sensor in the watch. Not just this, when Bluetooth sensing came into being, the world took another shocking hit. Now you can easily sync your smartwatch to your phone and alter playlists to your liking.

So it’s quite new information when china said they were working on a piece of technology. They are exploring ways to generate battery life for smartwatches using human beings! No, they are not going to hook humans up to an assembly line. They intend to use the forces of nature to achieve this result. Let us see exactly how this will happen.

The News:

Our body generates heat and other forms of energy, on movement. That is how we attempt to do work. Energy is produced when work is done. We flex and move our limbs when we walk, run, stroll. This in itself generates energy. This energy is then converted to another form like heat. The tech minds at work are attempting to utilize this body energy for smartwatch powering.

The next time you go for a run, your smartwatch will, allegedly, charge and power on its own. To simulate this, the geniuses behind the tech are checking energy conversions on a swinging pole. The swinging resembles our arms and body movement when walking. If this technology comes out to be successful, it can do wonders for the smartwatch era!

Smart watches powered by humans
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Towards The Future:

So what does this technology evolvement mean for us? Chargers will eventually start to become a thing of the past. All you have to do is go for a walk and Voila, a charged smartwatch. If this technology can successfully be implemented in smartwatches, maybe it can be utilized elsewhere. What if smartphones are able to use human powering for them too?

Regardless of its future application, this is a commendable form of work that they are doing. It is definitely a swift form of progress and we hope they succeed in getting this to market.

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