smartwatches as distraction to drivers
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There can be a number of factors that result in road accidents. They may either be related to using the mobile phone or not looking on the road properly. While it is not illegal to eat and drink while driving, we recommend avoiding it. Now it has come to light that smartwatches may be a bigger distraction to drivers than mobile phones!

Yes, it is possible that the watch you may be wearing could be a bigger distraction. The mobile phone may be tucked away in your pocket but those smartwatches are blasting away the notifications. One cannot help but steal a glance at the watch while driving. This shows that smartwatches can prove to be bigger and more dangerous distractions for drivers. Let us dive into a little more detail.

smartwatches while driving
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Smartwatches and Driving:

There were some observations and tests made recently. Apparently, drivers were tested on the area of ‘focus’. There were a number of instances that they were provided with, including mobile phone notification and smartwatches. It seems, from the results, that drivers were less focused on the road when the notification was on the smartwatch, as compared to the mobile phone.

It has been said that 70% of all handheld technology will comprise smartwatches by 2022. That is quite a lot of them in the hands of people. This means that there is a higher chance of people getting distracted by them while driving. If people want smartwatch use to be restricted while driving, there needs to be more research that proves this. One cannot just pass a law without just cause and proof.

Staying Safe:

It has also been noted that voice assistants were less distracting to drivers than smartwatches. Imagine something being so distracting that it surpasses other pieces of technology. A lot of accidents can be avoided if there was a way to lessen the use of smartwatches while driving.

There is even more research being done on this as we speak because it is a major concern. Studies have shown that 90% of many types of accidents are the result of human errors. Of course, we cannot completely eradicate human errors but we can reduce the chances in which an accident takes place. It has been concluded that smartwatches do have a negative effect while driving. The safest way of communication to the driver has been through voice.

smartwatches and driving can be distraction
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Driving Carefully:

We hope that there can be a solution to this smartwatch distraction problem. Distraction itself can be extremely dangerous, especially when in a situation such as driving. Maybe there can be a way to use a smartwatch while driving but still stay focused on the road. IF we were to use voice assistants to deliver messages rather than written notifications, the distraction can be avoided.

Instead of looking down on your wrist, it would be much safer if a voice assistant dictates your notification. We urge everyone to take care of themselves and drive safely.

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