As we progress towards the end of the year, the lineup for some of the biggest sales online can be observed all around.  When it comes to shopping during sales, getting the right product at the right time and lowest price can be a taxing task – one that requires considerable time and effort. It is why the concept of smart shopping is gaining momentum. Essentially, such a mode of shopping means that when you invest time into buying the perfect product, you achieve maximum value at the least price.

Knowing how to utilize promotion-related information in order to achieve price savings can be a real-time-saver during large-scale sales. In addition, it will help you attain the best deals.

With 11.11 sale right around the corner, the traffic on the largest South Asian e-commerce channel, Daraz, is expected to increase manifold. Despite that, not everyone who visits the platform knows how to make the most out of the biggest sale of the season. While most of the dedicated shoppers are on the lookout to snag best the deals and offers, for newer consumers, shopping during the 11.11 sale can be daunting.

However, being well-informed and knowing the right time to shop is the way forward to ensure you get the most out of Pakistan’s biggest online sales. To assist the eager masses gear towards savings on this year’s anticipated 11.11 sale on Daraz, we have prepared a checklist that you can follow to be on top of all the here are some insightful shopping hacks that every smart shopper follows:

Download Your Daraz App!

This one is SUPER important! Daraz app is your gateway to so many exclusive sales, deals, rewards, and whatnot! The app will also improve your experience with its user-friendly experience.

So, download your app now!

Play Mission 11.11

Mission 11.11 is an exciting game on Daraz app that you can play to win exciting rewards! During the time the game goes live, you’ll have to complete a number of missions within specified deadlines. On completing all missions, you’ll get to win some super exciting rewards!

Keep Track of All the Mega Deals!

There are going to be a lot of deals and flash sales going on throughout the span of Daraz 11.11 sale. The best way to stay on top of your 11.11 deals and discounts game is to check your app frequently. Daraz has millions of products that will go on amazing sales and discounts – so make sure you don’t miss out on these!

Check Out Daraz Buying Guides

If you want to make sure you’re selecting just the right products, then dBuying Guides can totally help you! Daraz Buying Guides is your personal shopping guide with handpicked products by the Daraz Blog to help you shop smarter and better! If you wnt to read more about this, check out our blog on know what you need with dBuying Guides!

Collect Vouchers

Vouchers are available on the e-commerce platform throughout different product pages. All you need to do is click on “collect” and the voucher will be yours.

These vouchers provide varying discounts, offered as a % or a standard amount. In any case, prepare in advance by collecting relevant fee vouchers. This way, you will be able to order your favorite products at cheaper prices.

Moreover, it’s a hassle-free process since after you collect the voucher, it will apply automatically at the final checkout. Thus, you can enjoy great discounts – all of which are just a click away.

Redeem Daraz Coins

To express its gratitude towards customers, Daraz rewards you with coins every time you make a purchase on the platform. Additionally, you can earn coins through daily check-ins on the platform, as well as by completing simple missions.

It is a good idea to save these coins, and cash them out on sale day – a time when you can use them alongside existing discounts. These coins can be redeemed against collectible vouchers, which are available on the coins page.

Although there is a wide variety of vouchers available, the number of coins you have will determine what kind of vouchers you can get. So, suppose you have 1000 coins; this means you can get a voucher of Rs. 500.

Check Seller Ratings and Delivery Timelines

Albeit Daraz’s sellers follow the platform’s strict guidelines when it comes to quality assurance, it is still a good idea to always check seller ratings. Not only will this help you familiarize yourself with the offering, but it will also give you an in-depth idea of what others are saying about the seller.

Comment section, for example, is often filled with previous buyers offering their opinions – both positive and negative. Sometimes, you can also find product pictures or unboxing videos in this section. Knowing these details will help you make informed decisions.

Another thing to look out for is the delivery timeline. Since sale day entails a massive increase in orders, it’s paramount to check when exactly you’ll receive your order. After that, you can track your order, and receive updates from Daraz every step of the shipping journey.

Get Free Shipping

If you’ve ever added products to your cart but abandoned them due to the shipping cost, this hack is for you.

On 11.11, all you need to do is add a product to your cart, head to the checkout page, and choose to Pick Up Point as your delivery option.

Then, choose a location that suits you best. After that, proceed to pay.

Now all you need to do is wait for the SMS. The moment you get it, you can head out to collect your package.

Also, the SMS will mention your OTP. When you reach your location, give the OTP to the agent, and you’ll be able to get your package.

Get Double Discounts with Daraz Bank Discounts

To optimize customer experience, Daraz is offering many digital payment options. On top of that, you can avail additional discounts on bank cards throughout the week. For instance, HBL Wednesdays mean you get 10% off on HBL cards. Similarly, on Monday, you can avail 10% off on Visa cards.

Furthermore, you can collect a bank discount voucher, which is available on the bank discount page. After that, the voucher will automatically apply on the payment page, enabling you to get easy discounts. All you need to do is remember to collect vouchers for each transaction.

Add to Cart to Secure Your Favorite Products Before They Get Sold Out!

Whatever you like, just add it to your cart right away! Even if it’s out of stock, add them. This way, you can order right away when the 11.11 sale kicks in. And in case your items are out of stock, your Daraz app will notify you when it’s restocked and you can place your order then! Just remember to turn on your notifications so you don’t miss out on Daraz.

Collectively, these hacks will enable smart shopping, ensuring that you receive the best value for money on the much anticipated 11 11 sale on Daraz.