6 Places To Find The Most Delicious Halwa Puri In Karachi
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Halwa Puri is not just a breakfast delicacy; it’s a tradition. No brunch or a Sunday breakfast party is complete without halwa puri. The crispy puri with condiments and the sweetest Halwa is bound to make your day. However, you haven’t tried it all unless you try the Halwa puri from these places.

So, let’s take a look at some of the places where you can find the most delicious halwa puri.

1. Dera Boatbasin

Dera needs no introduction since it is the most sought-after location for desi breakfast in Karachi. Their halwa puri is simply one of the best on the menu, along with many other fancies. However, the best part is the safe roadside sitting and the fresh air breeze, which leaves you fresh and energetic.

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2. Tooso Restaurant

Tooso is located at Bahadurabad in Karachi. Among many bakery items, the fresh aroma of their crispy puri is bound to catch your attention if you happen to pass by. However, it would be best if you went a little early to grab a table before people start flocking the eatery.

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3. Dil Pasand 

Dil Pasand does justice to its name since it has a special place in our hearts. If you haven’t tried halwa puri from Dil Pasand, then you are missing out. And if you happen to stop by, then don’t forget the glass of fresh lassi to pair with your channa and puri.

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4. Miraal 

If you want a touch of tradition to your breakfast, then hop on to Miraal. Their traditional silver platters (thaalis) and shiny cutlery are some of the most eye-catching things besides the delicious and mouth-watering halwa puri. Yet you will find value for your money along with finger-licking taste.

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5. Master Juice 

You might have heard about Master Juice, but have you heard that they do one of the best roadside halwa puris? The trip to the beach in the morning is incomplete without a stop at Master Juice. Their gravies have the perfect balance of spices, and the spicy achar makes the best condiment for your puris.

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6. Chatkharay- Khadda Market

Located in the vicinity of Khadda market, which is one of the hotspots for food lovers, Chatkharay offers the best chaat and the yummiest halwa puris in the vicinity.

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