Elon Musk stated on his social media platform that people who sign up for Twitter Blue, the Premium tier, will be able to take part in voting that is held on Twitter. Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and the richest man in the world, purchased Twitter for $44 billion last year and declared on the microblogging platform that he thought it was the only way to keep the sophisticated AI bots out and allow real accounts to participate. He added that users’ “For You” recommendations made by premium service customers will also be eligible to appear.

Based on user behavior and algorithms, the “For You” feed will recommend Tweets from accounts that are not followed that a user might like. “Starting April 15th, only verified accounts will be eligible to be in For You recommendations,” Musk said in a tweet on Monday night. “This is the only realistic way to address advanced AI bot swarms taking over. It is otherwise a hopeless losing battle.” He also wrote: “That said, it’s ok to have verified bot accounts if they follow terms of service and don’t impersonate a human.”  

Here are some of the benefits Twitter Blue provides:

  1. Undo Tweets: With this function, you can take back a tweet within a set amount of time after you’ve posted it. This is helpful for folks who frequently post tweets hastily or incorrectly.

2. Reader Mode: Twitter Blue has a reader mode that makes it simpler to read lengthy messages by eliminating distractions.

3. Create Bookmark Folders: Twitter Blue can organize your saved tweets and make it simpler to discover them later.

4. App icon customization: To make your Twitter app unique, select one of a number of available app icons.

5. Dedicated customer support: A dedicated customer support team is available to Twitter Blue subscribers, so any problems or issues can be handled more promptly.

6. Exclusive content: Twitter Blue subscribers have access to handpicked content and early access to new features, among other unique materials.

A large number of Twitter users were offended by Musk’s announcement. One user stated he couldn’t support it and that Musk should spend money on hiring people and developing AI technology to identify bots on the network. “This isn’t how to proceed. That can damage the platform. My prediction is that this will be the only platform you can trust,” Elon Musk retorted.

“So basically if you can’t afford to pay for Twitter your voice cannot be amplified in the ‘Town Square?” someone else wrote. Another user asked how this prevents verified accounts (such as “notable figures”) that are imitating non-verified accounts from being even more visible. The blue tick was given to famous and well-known users once their validity was confirmed before Musk’s acquisition, but the rule was reviewed after the billionaire acquired control of the microblogging platform. Now, only those who fulfill the outlined qualifications would receive it. Before April 1, it’s possible that some people might lose their check marks.

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