Popular Pakistani singer Jawad Ahmed is all set to kickstart his career in politics by contesting elections against Imran Khan, Bilawal Bhutto and Shahbaz Sharif.

Back in 2017, the singer formed the “Barabri Party Pakistan’ for middle and working class, youth, oppressed and deprived segments of the population.

With the upcoming General Elections 2018 just days away, the crooner is using social media to promote his party’s manifesto.

In his latest tweet, Jawwad took a dig at Bilawal Bhutto and accused the politician of using  ‘fear, power, and money’ against the singer.

Contesting elections from Lyari’s NA-24, Jawwad revealed how Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman has forcefully imposed his authority in the town. 

For those who are unaware, Lyari is considered as a strong hub of PPP crusaders and the singer is bound to face a challenge while standing up for elections in the area.

Twitterati was quick to remind him that he should have been prepared for such an opposition.

PPP supporters trolled him for speaking against their leader!

People even accused him of lying and using false claim’s to gain attention.

Keyboard warriors suggested that he should just stick to singing!

Nobody took his Twitter tirade seriously!

In fact, his followers schooled him for ranting and whining on social media.

Meanwhile, in a shocking turn of events, Bilawal Bhutto faced the wrath of Lyari residents last night during his electoral campaign in the area.

Upon his arrival, angry protestors in Bihar Colony pelted him with stones and attacked his rally, leaving a couple of people injured and vehicles damaged.

Chants of ‘Go Bilawal Go’ permeated the air and the political left the area as soon as the protest gained momentum.

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