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According to the latest reports, at least 123 individuals in Sindh have recovered from the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

Moreover, Sindh’s Cheif Minister Murad Ali Shah, on Sunday, shared that these recovered patients were not given any medication.

Furthermore, he added that they were only kept in isolation. In the video statement, the CM emphasized the importance of isolation and social distancing as the key to cure the virus.

He also shared that the total number of knows cases in the province is now at 881. At least 44 have lost their lives out of which 15 had belonged from Sindh.

Those with no or mild symptoms, we are isolating them in their homes if they have a proper place available. If it is not, then we are keeping them in government-run isolation centres.

If a patient comes onto the government’s radar, he or she will get proper treatment whether at home or in a hospital.

Even if the patient is at home, a doctor calls daily to ensure that other family members or people are not being infected. -CM Shah

CM Shah also told the public that the government has formed a rapid response force in every district of Sindh.

Nonetheless, he gave a warning that the health system in the province is under massive pressure and would be even more stressed if the virus spreads in low-income areas.

We haven’t seen many cases from katchi abadis so far but if they start flooding in, we would have a big problem because our healthcare system would not be able to handle that situation

He urged people to maintain social distancing until at least April 14th.

It is my humble request to you all to stay at home and support the efforts of the government in these tumultuous times.

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