A National College of Art (NCA) graduate and Sindhi artist, Qutub Rind, was mercilessly beaten and killed in Lahore, while the deceased along his family was visiting an art show.

Rind had rented an apartment for the duration of his stay. However, he and the landlord had an altercation which led to the murder of the artist.

He was thrown off the 3rd floor and crumbled to his injuries.

Qutub’s friend Hamid Ali registered an FIR against the men involved, however, the everchanging statements of the accused have made this case even more complicated.

Earlier, the landlord and his men accused Rind of starting a religious feud but then changed their statement and then held him responsible for the rent dispute.

Rind’s uncle, Gul Beg Rind, while talking to local sources said that;

“Qutub had rented out an apartment and had an altercation with the landlord that day. Later at night, the landlord along with two accomplices came to the house and broke Rind’s arms, legs and then pushed him from the third floor of the building”

Qutub Rind’s Murder FIR

Pakistani Celebrities Raise Voice Against Rind’s Murder

The media circuit and entertainment industry have raised their voice over Qutub Rind’s murder. Various luminaries took to social media to condemn the incident as unacceptable and have called the justice system a failure.

Another friend of Qutub Rind told Pakistan Today that the artist’s work was against caste system and tribal wars. He even offered prayers five times a day, and could not have started a religious dispute.

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