In Pakistan and its society, many topics are taboo and not talked about enough. However, with a generation gap and the evolution of Pakistan as a nation, a bit of improvement can be seen and the younger bulge of the population is now openly discussing topics like multiple sexualities, same-sex marriages, women’s rights, etc. Now whether the discussions are to be done or not is purely subjective but the government of Sindh is apparently totally against such information and awareness.

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Sindh Education Orders  

The Sindh Education Department, led by Additional Director Rafia Javed, has recently implemented measures to not include any objectionable or controversial material in the O Level syllabus. Specifically, schools in the province are now barred from teaching a chapter titled “Same-Sex Family” in the Sociology book O Level. Additionally, the chapter on “History and Culture of Pakistan” in the Pakistan Studies book of O Level has also been banned.


Rafia Javed emphasized that these chapters are deemed contrary to Pakistan’s culture and has directed private schools to remove them from the syllabus. This decision aligns with concerns raised by Senators Mohsin Aziz and Faisal Saleem Rehman, who called attention to the content’s inconsistency with Islamic and cultural teachings as well as the values upheld by Pakistani society.

In response to these concerns, Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training Rana Tanveer Hussain assured the Senate that a letter would be written to Cambridge, urging the removal of the highly objectionable content related to the “Same Sex Family” chapter from the O Level sociology book. These recent developments reflect the authorities’ commitment to ensuring that educational materials align with the cultural and religious sensitivities of Pakistani society.

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