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Pakistan already has a very low literacy rate. And those who do get education until their undergraduate degree, they are unable to continue it further because of the unaffordability. For this purpose, HEC announces numerous scholarships from time to time so that many can avail themselves of the opportunity of studying as much as they want. And this time it is the Sindh HEC that has news for university students.

Sindh HEC Scholarship

Yesterday, the Chief Minister of Sindh took to public scholarships worth PKR 40 million for students enrolled in both public as well as private universities. The news was announced when the CM was in a meeting concerning Sindh HEC. Attendees included the vice-chancellor of public sector universities. The students who will be given this scholarship are already decided. Sindh HEC has the list compiled.

Moreover, this scholarship is not just on a merit basis but merit as well as a need basis. The candidates range from students enrolled in degrees ranging from BS, MS, M.Phil, Ph.D. degrees in public sector universities, and MS, M.Phil, Ph.D. degrees of private sector universities.

Aside from this scholarship announcement, CM Sindh has given cheques to university faculties for 26 research projects. The cheques totaled up to PKR 45.7 million.

Some more announcements

Syed Murad Ali Shah also distributed cheques of Rs 45.7 million for 26 research projects of faculty members of the universities. The faculty members belonged to the University of Karachi, NED University, University of Sindh Jamshoro, Mehran University Jamshoro, Liaquat Medical University – Jamshoro, Dow University, Shah Abdul Latif University – Khairpur, and IBA Sukkur.

Another interesting update that came out of the meeting was the announcement of making university classrooms ‘smart’ for all public universities in Sindh. Funding is already approved for seven universities including newly established and underdeveloped universities.

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