The respected minister, Arshad Wali Muhammad, praised Aneeqa Bashir, who cares a lot about the environment, on behalf of the Sindh Ministry of Tourism, Environment, and Climate Change in recognition of her work in preserving Pakistan’s green heritage.

They liked how she worked hard to protect Pakistan’s natural beauty and they thanked her for all the good things she’s done.

Aneeqa Bashir spearheads a campaign aimed at documenting and safeguarding centuries-old Banyan trees, designating them as essential national green heritage. Her steadfast mission focuses on preserving the nation’s green legacy and elevating environmental awareness. Platforms like and, under her guidance, play a crucial role in fostering awareness about the importance of safeguarding our green heritage.

Aneeqa actively writes numerous articles shedding light on the profound effects of climate change and pollution in Pakistan. Her goal is to inspire the youth to become proactive caretakers of the environment. Through workshops, she enlightens Pakistan’s youth on environmental issues, empowering them to make positive contributions. A recycling network, overseen by Aneeqa, further reinforces her commitment to sustainable practices.

Aneeqa envisions the Youth Environmental Responsibility Act, drawing inspiration from successful models in Switzerland and the Philippines. The visionary bill proposes making tree planting and care a prerequisite for graduation. Under her ‘A Greener Pakistan’ initiative, Aneeqa aims to establish private-public partnerships, creating job opportunities in the climate sector for the lower-income demographic.

Aneeqa’s innovative projects include pairing heritage trees with interested users for plantation or restoration. This interaction allows users to become caretakers, ensuring the long-term health of Banyan trees and adherence to local biodiversity. Her proactive approach extends to addressing water waste management and pollution in upcoming projects, showcasing unwavering passion and determination.

Aneeqa’s impactful efforts were acknowledged by the SDGs Academy, earning her the title of a national changemaker climate hero. Key figures, including Karachi Mayor Murtaza Wahab and former Forest Minister Taimur Talpur, have lauded her mission for a greener Pakistan.

Aneeqa Bashir stands as a beacon, guiding us towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. Her journey reflects a powerful narrative of environmental stewardship, inspiring others to join the movement for a greener and healthier planet.