Sindh Food Authority Accused of Corruption by Restaurant Owners

Sindh Food Authority is the services of Pakistan that regulate and monitor all food business in the region of Sindh to guarantee that the food match all the criteria such as hygiene, flavor, quality, etc. Recently, restaurant owners have accused the Sindh Food Authorities of corruption. An investigative-exposing show decided to turn its attention to this case in North Nazimabad.

Image Source: YouTube

In North Nazimabad, the Sindh Food Authority raided and sealed a bakery earlier. Later on, the investigative team of the program sent their reporter to the Sindh Food Authority office, where they discovered that a man named Tahir Baloch had been asking for a bribe of Rs 70,000 to de-seal the bakery. However, the main aim of this investigation was to uncover the alleged corruption of Deputy Director Khadim Hussain.

The investigative team then managed to record a secret video that captured Tahir Baloch accepting the bribe and promising to provide an affidavit to de-seal the bakery. However, when the reporter informed the investigative team about the bribery incident, Deputy Director Khadim Hussain denied taking any bribes and claimed he was not present in the office when the money was handed over. Talk about switching up!

Further inquiry revealed that Tahir Baloch was a private individual and also the driver of Deputy Director Khadim Hussain. Additionally, the investigative team discovered that the bakery was sealed without obtaining any samples whatsoever. During questioning, the Deputy Director attempted to avoid and dodge questions asked by the investigative team. The investigative team also emphasized that the primary objective of the Sindh Food Authority is to guarantee food quality. Still, the agency was engaged in corruption rather than performing its responsibilities dutifully.

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