Sindh Enforces Ban On Drone Cameras
Image Source: Vcymall

On Wednesday, the Sindh Home Department has taken a significant step to enhance security during Muharram processions and religious events. They have issued a notification prohibiting the use of drone cameras during these occasions, citing potential security risks. The ban encompasses all types of coverage and recordings using drone cameras, and no permissions will be granted for such activities.

In the interest of maintaining a safe environment, the authorities have also stated that legal action will be taken against anyone found violating this ban.

Furthermore, to ensure law and order during Muharram, the Federal Ministry of Interior has made a crucial decision to deploy Pakistan Army troops countrywide. This move comes under Article 245, and the deployment has been requested by the provinces, Gilgit Baltistan, and the Azad Kashmir government. The primary objective is to bolster security and provide necessary support to local law enforcement agencies during this sensitive period.

Furthermore, Punjab government, recognizing the importance of security during Muharram, has specifically requested the deployment of Pakistan Army and Rangers in the province. This joint effort is aimed at safeguarding public safety and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere throughout the religious events.

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