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Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has unveiled a significant initiative to support the most vulnerable members of society during the holy month of Ramadan. With a Ramzan package valued at Rs22.5 billion, the government aims to provide essential relief to 60% of the population, particularly those earning a minimum wage ranging from Rs32,000 to Rs35,000 per month.

Financial Assistance for Vulnerable Families

The highlight of this package is a cash grant of Rs5,000 for targeted families, to be distributed through banks. The mechanism for this distribution is slated to be announced within the next two days, ensuring swift and transparent assistance to those in need. In tandem with this aid, the Chief Minister has also issued directives for a crackdown against hoarders and profiteers, signaling a firm stance against exploitation during this crucial period.

Justice (retd) Maqbool Baqar sworn in as Sindh caretaker CM
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During a comprehensive meeting discussing the Ramzan package and price control measures, key stakeholders including city officials, law enforcement representatives, and concerned department heads convened to chart out a strategy for effective implementation. Chief Secretary Dr. Fakhre Alam calls out the the importance of supporting the 4.5 million deserving families within the province, emphasizing that these initiatives are pivotal in upholding social justice and mitigating economic hardships.

Collaborative Strategy for Implementation

Chief Minister Shah’s instructions to the Chief Secretary to ensure inclusion of eligible families reflect a commitment to inclusivity and accountability. Furthermore, his directive to coordinate with banks for seamless distribution highlights a dedication to efficiency and transparency in governance.

In addition to financial aid, CM Shah has prioritized price stability and equitable access to essential commodities. By instructing commissioners to monitor auction proceedings at local markets and cracking down on price gouging, the government aims to safeguard consumer interests and ensure fair market practices.

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Furthermore, recognizing the importance of uninterrupted utility services during Ramadan, the Chief Minister has urged electricity and gas providers to minimize load-shedding during Iftar and Sehar, underscoring the need for collective effort in facilitating a smooth fasting experience for all.

As the holy month approaches, CM Shah’s call for solidarity and support from all sectors of society echoes the spirit of compassion and generosity synonymous with Ramadan. In extending a helping hand to the less fortunate, the government sets a precedent for inclusive governance and community resilience in the face of adversity.

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