to buy a ps5 or to not buy one right now
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Purchasing a piece of tech can be a big decision. It is important to note that Sony came out with the PlayStation 5 back in 2020, and it is going stronger than ever. The console puts out an immense amount of power combined with an immersive gaming experience. A lot of people buy it because of the exclusive collection it provides to its users.

Sony’s Spiderman 2 has only been released on the PS5 console and many people simply want to buy it because of that. Not only will the console cost you less than what a good gaming PC would, it would also give you years of service. Additionally, you don’t even have to always buy expensive games, you can get the annual PlayStation subscription.

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PlayStation 5 – To Buy Or Not to Buy?

While buying this console is certainly a worthwhile decision, it is also important to note that one must think before making such a purchase. A while back, some months ago, it was being sold at nearly Rs.200k, which was much higher than expected. Then, when the dollar began to fall a bit and there was no shortage, it was being sold for as low as Rs.138k.

Thus, it is important to know when to buy because the market can reach sky high at times. While the current price of the console is near to Rs.170k, it is expected to be lower as the new year starts. Yes, this is because the newest variant of the PlayStation 5 will be making its way to the market in bulk.

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Gaming Is Fun

This means, if you intend to buy a PS5 right now, we recommend waiting at least a month or so, let the new variant make its way well into the market. When this happens, the prices of the former models will fall, and you can swoop in and pick one up. You don’t have to worry about newer games not being released on older models since games will be released on all models for years to come.

Additionally, the computing power is not quite different when it comes to the newer variant and the older one. The difference is in the dimensions and the detachable drive. If you think you do not need one, you can also purchase the digital edition of the older model, which is almost 10k cheaper.

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