ghar damaad
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Since Ramadan is the only time where the drama industry can deviate from its cliched norms, a number of TV channels try to show Ramdan special dramas. The Ramadan special dramas this year include but are not limited to Ishq Jalebi, Tanaa Banaa, and Chupke Chupke. In all these shows we see at least one ‘ghar damaad‘ residing with the in-laws.

Ghar Damaad in Ramadan special dramas

All three of these have different traits that they exude. So for instance, Aashiq Hussain Advocate in Ishq Jalebi lives with his in-laws but retains the patriarchal personality traits. However, Miskeen in Chupke Chupke is portrayed to be extremely submissive not just in front of his wife but all his in-laws; he is made out to be some sort of a joke. In Tanaa Banaa, the Shahid Phuppa plays the role of a very interesting ghar damaad. He is shown to be a person who proudly embraces the role of a loving house husband.

The concept in our society

In the South Asian culture, the idea that some one is a ghar damaad is considered an insult. Considering we our predominantly a patriarchal society where the man is ‘supposed’ to provide for the family, the fact that someone is not able to provide for the family is assumed to be the only reason why a man would stay with his in-laws.

Of course, in these dramas, the show creators have taken a woke turn and showed other reasons due to which someone has to live with the in-laws. In two of the dramas, the woman wanted to stay and take care of her family. In the other drama, it was the fact that the woman had a career and to maintain a healthy living, the man chooses to live with the in-laws.

Media representation?

Since forever, the ghar damaad concept is looked upon as an insult. But now that these dramas are showing them more and more, it only means that the concept is being normalized. But the fact, that the most hit character amongst all damaads is Miskeen who gets insulted, it shows that people are not ready for it to be normalized yet. Keeping that in mind, the concept should not be normalized.

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