Shikhar Dhawan Makes Fun Of Pakistani Fielding


Pakistan cricket team’s 14-run loss against Australia in a closely fought ICC World Cup 2023 was filled with many thrilling moments, however, a comical fielding mishap caught the attention of fans and Indian batter Shikhar Dhawan.

During the 23rd over during Australia’s batting, bowled by Haris Rauf, the ball was nudged towards square leg; however, an unexpected mix-up between fielders Mohammad Wasim Jr. and Mohammad Nawaz led to a boundary, awarding four runs to the Australian batting side.

The video of the fielding mishap went viral on social media and explosive Indian batter Shikhar Dhawan, who is known for his infectious sense of humour both on and off the field also jumped onto the bandwagon.

Seizing the opportunity, Dhawan playfully mocked Pakistan’s fielding efforts on his official X account (formerly Twitter). He shared the video of the incident with the caption, stating, “Pakistan and fielding—a never-ending love story.”

Known as the ‘Gabbar’ of Indian cricket, Dhawan has garnered a reputation not only for his explosive batting but also for his affable personality and ability to keep the team’s spirits high. His social media presence is a testament to his vibrant character, often sharing moments of camaraderie with fellow cricketers and providing fans with a glimpse into the life of one of India’s most beloved sportsmen.

However, Shikhar Dawan’s post did not sit well with Pakistani fans as they responded with their own take on the situation and reminded Dhawan of his own fielding mishaps.

Meanwhile, another user shared catch efficiency stats in the past four years, where Pakistan stood second while the Indian side is lying at the bottom only above Afghanistan.

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