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7 Din Mohabbat In actor Sheheryar Munawar has recently joined a brand as its ambassador, and given our society; it has led to conflicting views coming forward. The product in question was a hair removal product focused on men.

Hair Removal for men

Initially, the brand had been catering to women only for its hair removal products, but now, they have branched out to include men as well. And it is a meaningful conversation to have because while women are talking about having the right to shave or not shave, men should also have the right to choose.

But is that idea welcome by all? Since the body hair is associated with being masculine, starring in an ad must have taken a lot of courage on Sheheryar’s end.

Have a Look at Sheheryar Munawar:

The actor took to his Instagram saying explaining his point of view to better reach his followers. He said:

“Sharing this with all of you because I strongly believe in the idea behind the product/campaign; men grooming/taking care of themselves. Growing up, I was often picked on for grooming/taking care of myself since it’s always been considered an effeminate trait and not manly. Here’s a little attempt at empowering all the men out there. It’s cool to give a shit, it’s cool to care, and most importantly, it’s cool to take care of yourselves.
Also, on a separate note, if we expect the women in our lives to always take care of themselves, then why not return the favor? We owe it to them and ourselves to do so.”

The audience reacted

The audience reacted, calling the actor names. As expected, they associated hair with masculinity, saying that the cream was removing it from men.

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

Some even called it haram.

Sheheryar Munawar Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

While others questioned his religion.

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Sheheryar Munawar Image Source: Instagram

They couldn’t understand why Sheheryar would promote it instead of staying away from it.

Image Source: Instagram

The point is that Sheheryar has already stated he is trying to empower the men who actually do want to take care of themselves. It’s okay if they’re going to take care of themselves; it won’t make them any less of a man. But difficult conversations take time to seep in. And hopefully, with time, it would. Until then, more power to Sheheryar for kickstarting a much-needed conversation.

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