Pakistani politician Sharmila Faruqui has always managed to stay in the public eye for a wide range of reasons, from her surprising cooking endeavours to her academic achievements.

This time, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader has made headlines once again, stepping into the Halloween spirit by donning a clown costume.

With a caption that read, “Dare to wear the foolish clown face? I may look funny, but my intentions are far from it…,” the PPP MPA shared her pictures on Instagram, giving due credit to @sanoberyasirsalon_spa for the makeup.

However, this bold style statement didn’t escape criticism, even from some figures within the entertainment industry. Actor Arez Ahmed, the husband of the renowned actress Hiba Bukhari, added to the buzz by commenting “shame” on Sharmila Farooqui’s picture as he reshared it on his story.

Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that matters of fashion and style often boil down to personal taste. Areeba Habib, another actor, responded to Sharmila Farooqui’s Halloween look with admiration.

While Sharmila Farooqui isn’t the only public figure to embrace the Halloween spirit, with actor Yashma Gill’s warrior-inspired pictures circulating on social media, the focus remained on how politicians conduct themselves in public and on social media.

In response to the mixed reactions and possibly the influx of comments, the politician has chosen to restrict access to the comment section, leaving room for this unique Halloween look to remain a subject of personal interpretation.

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