Sharmila Faruqi
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Lockdown in the country amid coronavirus has us all back in the kitchen preparing our favorite meals from scratch. Pakistani politician, Sharmila Faruqi is no different, however, she was cyberbullied by many for a harmless mistake.

While recording a recipe of “red snapper with a lemon butter sauce” for her IG, Faruqi apparently gets confused between the fish fillet and the chicken fillet.

The title of the now-removed video was, ‘Here’s a video of my home cooking made by my maid and house boy!’ 

Faruqi starts of the video by saying, “I’m taking one chicken fillet because I’m just making it for myself…I’ve taken the chicken fillet and cut off its tail, divided it into two pieces. This is red snapper, it’s a white fish, very tasty and we’re going to garnish it first.”

At first, we thought it was a slip of tongue but Faruqi kept on repeating the same over and over.


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“Woah! So my slip of the tongue in my first ever homemade cooking video provided much needed comic relief in these scary, depressing lockdown days. It went viral on social media blogs, Fb pages, Watsapp, and news. Yes, I said chicken fillet instead of the fish fillet at the start of my recipe and realized it soon after, thinking it’s harmless I let it go & posted the video on my insta since I wasn’t going to cook the fish all over again. Little did I know it will be picked up to provide much-needed laughter these days! I’m glad! Something to talk about instead of the unfortunate rising corona infection numbers across the globe.”

“First, I was shocked, then amused & now happy. However, I had to request a few blogs to take the video off because of the unkind & derogatory remarks by some of their followers especially men. As I politician I take that in my stride but my husband or my son definitely doesn’t. I guess we haven’t learned much during our quarantine days.. we still are so unforgiving to the slightest slip coming from a female more so if she’s a politician. We leave no opportunity to bring a woman down.”

Faruqi responded to her trolls suggesting that even during a depressing and uncertain time, the trolls had to cyberbully her. They never leave an opportunity to insult women.

“Thank you @fhmpakistan @siddysays. Thank you my darlings @girltalk_insta @salmakaramehdi @mehwishwish777! Guys new video coming up soon!” she added at the end of her Instagram post sarcastically.

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