Over the weekend, Pakistan went through a mighty social media brouhaha over Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and the fired doctor controversy.

The revered documentarian found herself in the eye of a storm over a crucial matter that had Pakistan divided.

Her aggressive tweets about an AKU doctor harassing her sister created an explosion, stirring an aggressive debate on the patient-doctor relationship.

People claimed that she has used the word ‘Harassment’ a little too carelessly.


The issue ballooned up to create a massive chaos!


However, it was not just Sharmeen who received backlash on the matter! Apparently, AKU’s name was dragged through the mud and a movement called #bringthedoctorback started trending on the internet. To save the situation, the hospital rolled out a statement to clarify the matter but it really aggravated the whole situation even more.

Meanwhile, some people came up with various revelations on social media that the doctor was already under scrutiny for various other cases of harassment.

Sharmeen has finally Responded to all the backlash!

It was about time the documentarian finally break the silence and clarify things on her end. In a long note, Obaid did not shy away from accepting that her choice of words exaggerated the matter. However, her intentions were clear and feeling vulnerable, she was compelled to lodge a complaint against the doctor.

Read her complete note here!

But she added that she has no responsibility what so ever for the decision taken by AKUH. What is more, Obaid claimed she will not remain hushed on a matter that will involve a breach of trust and privacy.

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