Written By: Rafay Mustafa Kazmi

With 2020 coming to a close, our year has been full of lockdowns and social distancing. With the negative atmosphere that has come with 2020, Nestlé Raita has done something to perk everyone up.

With the kind of strong flavour profiles that exist in our cuisine, we often need the right condiment. In Pakistani cuisine, that condiment is Raita. Available in two variants, Nestlé Raita exists in a Zeera option and a Podina version, both of which are enjoyed nationwide. Nestlé Raita came up with a video that reminded us all on how we can share joyous occasions and experiences while still socially distancing.

Nestlé Raita’s video showcases how two of our most beloved power couples enjoy a meal together on a video call. The lovely Shaniera Akram and the legendary Wasim Akram join the newlyweds Sana Javed and Umair Jaswal to share their favourite variant of Nestlé Raita, enjoying the festive atmosphere that the call brings about.

The entire video call plays out wonderfully as the four of our stars enjoy each other’s company despite being far apart. The excitement that Nestlé Raita brings about in the video is apparent as the Raita is passed from frame to frame till it reaches Shaniera who is positively overjoyed on receiving her plate with Nestlé Raita.

With the release of the celebrities’ video, what followed was amazing as people craving for an activity to enjoy with their distant loved ones jumped at the opportunity Nestlé Raita’s video presented them. Numerous foodie groups, along with different social media personalities joined in the activity, sharing their favourite dishes with their preferred Nestlé Raita option along with the joy the mutually shared experience brought with it.

All in all, Nestlé Raita’s campaign showed how even in such troubled times, with the issues most of us have had to experience this year, there are still ways to have a great time with your loved ones. People from all across Pakistan, from all four provinces, shared their favourite dishes and the vastly different flavour profiles and taste palettes that exist in our cuisine were fully apparent for everyone to see!