Pakistan’s interior Sindh is home to the graves of remarkable saints whose sacred resting places still draw countless followers seeking blessings and solutions to their worries.

Among these revered figures is Baba Shalwar Shah, a man whose tomb has gone viral multiple times. The tomb recently caught the attention of Pakistani comedian Ali Gul Pir who made a parody video.

According to local folklore, Sindhi folksmen hold the belief that one can get their worries resolved by taking off their shalwar (traditional lower garment) at the shrine and leaving them there, on condition that you cannot bring an extra pair of bottoms, the original clip revealed.

Interestingly, men and women both partake in this activity at the tomb as there are hundreds of shalwar already hung on the tree just beside the grave, which is believed to be located in Saangarh, as per online sources.

How and when it started is still a mystery as there is little context on the background. However, it isn’t the only tomb in Sindh where devotees perform this distinct ritual.

Another video found on the internet offers a glimpse into another tomb in Sindh where people participate in this ritual. Here, visitors disrobe, perform a ceremonial cleansing, and change into spare clothing, all with the belief that it will cure their ailments or sickness.

It is pertinent to mention that these beliefs are often based on hearsay, passed down through generations. It’s crucial to remember that the saints themselves were pious individuals who dedicated their lives to worshiping God and there were never such directives from the saint.

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