Image Source: Movie-Shoovy

The recently single Shahroz Subzwari has been making rounds over social media since yesterday!

This time it is not for a new tv show or movie but due to a video where he is seen cycling around the K-town streets with his rumoured new beau, model Sadaf Kanwal.

The video shows the two cycling with masks on in what seems to be the city’s DHA area. Shahroz is leading while Sadaf follows in tow. Seems like the two were quite tired of being cooped up during the quarantine and needed some fresh air!

Check out the video below :

Just recently Alif star, Sadaf commented on Shahroz’s Instagram post where she wished his mother on her birthday saying “Happy birthday mama” the starlet then deleted the comment but netizens definitely saw it and screenshots were taken and further circulated.

It was previously also believed that the growing friendship with Sadaf was the reason for Shahroz and Syra’s divorce. However, Shahroz denied these allegations and claimed that there was no truth to these rumours.

What seems to be happening now is definitely confusing everyone out there, Sadaf has also been spotted around town with Shahroz a couple of times before this video surfaced.

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