Shahid Afridi
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Pakistani cricket superstar, Shahid Afridi has always been known for his performances on the field. The superstar, normally referred to as “Boom Boom” by cricket fans for his extraordinary and aggressive batting style has been making moves, even after retiring from international cricket.

Image Source: Launch Good

The former captain of the Pakistan Cricket Team who is among one of the most famous Pakistan athletes has been actively participating in philanthropic avenues while he was approaching retirement from international cricket.

The Shahid Afridi Foundation And Its Work In Kohat

The Shahid Afridi Foundation was established in 2014 with the aim to provide quality education and healthcare facilities to the underprivileged and has made Afridi one of the most charitable athletes of the world as per DoSomething, a global non-profit organisation in 2015.

Now today, in a series of philanthropic avenues and initiatives, the superstar has been keeping himself busy in Kohat for one of them.

The superstar tweeted on 21st December 2020 an update about how he has been keeping himself busy in the rural areas in a pandemic-struck world. He expressed the happiness he feels while being with his family and loved ones while being grateful for the little things in life.

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The superstar who has lived much of his life in glamour, fame and the luxury of the world after he gained popularity shared how he still finds happiness in the little things of life.

He also shared a little bit about the work he has been doing for Sahibzada Fazal Rehman Charity Hospital, a hospital that has been established for the welfare of the people of Kohat and surrounding areas who are deprived off of a good health infrastructure in their vicinity.

The fact that Afridi has been working on a charity hospital when he can easily live his life of retirement with comfort while consuming the luxury he has worked so hard for, he sets an example for many others by working for the welfare of people.

Shahid Afridi has been admired for his contributions in cricket and overall sports of Pakistan. On 23rd March 2010, he was awarded with Pride Of Performance by then President Of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari. In 2018, he was rewarded with Sitara e Imtiaz by President of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain.

UNICEF and many Pakistani State-funded organisations have asked for Shahid Afridi’s endorsement for Polio Vaccination and other health-related campaigns in Northern Pakistan for his high influence on the people & admiration from the public.

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