Shahid Afridi Enraged at Afghan Cricketer
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Having a form of sports passion can be extremely beneficial for an individual. It doesn’t have to be a difficult, challenging sport. It just has to be one where you feel comfortable and yourself. For footballers, the field is a second home. They know all its markings and corners like their own backyard. Similarly, for a golf champion, the entire course is their home.

Even Will Smith’s ‘Legend Of Bagger Vance’ portrays the essence of passion for golf. In Pakistan, the most played game is cricket. A sport invented by the English, a majority of Pakistanis tune in to the channel when a game is live. In 2020, even the audience are all staying at home to watch. Speaking of Sports, an incident occurred at an LPL match where Shahid Afridi got furious with a player!

Cricket And The World:

There have been many pop culture releases that are specific to cricket. It is a sport which has gained quite a lot of popularity over the last couple of decades. Where football is the highest played sport globally, cricket may be the next best on the list.

So, what happened during a recent LPL match? It seems as though, from the image above, Shahid Afridi seems to be chewing out another player. There is footage that shows the Player, Naveen-Ul-Haq, already abusing another player, Muhammad Amir! Can anyone believe it? It seems to be that a player is trying to pick a brawl with a senior player!

Shahid Afridi’s Fury:

During the last minutes of the LPL match, Afghan Cricketer Naveen-Ul-Haq started shouting abuses to Muhammad Amir. He continued to abuse even after the game was over verbally. Now, of course, since the game is recorded, every part of that conversation was caught on film. He could clearly be seen speaking swear words and unsanitary language towards Muhammad Amir.

When the match ended, and the teams were meeting each other, Shahid Afridi stepped up and expressed his anger towards Naveen-Ul-Haq. In the video shown below, he can clearly be seen retaliating towards Naveen-Ul-Haq. It can be seen as a justified response since it’s unethical to treat your fellow sportspeople. It displays and portrays a sense of unprofessional attitude.

Pakistan And Cricket:

Naveen-Ul-Haq is quite a new face on the block. He is still a newbie bowler who is still trying to find a footing in the field. What caused him to react the way he did remains to be seen. However, the way he reacted is allegedly not the correct way to address someone. It is always better to calmly negotiate a situation rather than escalate it by fighting.

Shahid Afridi does not seem to be in the wrong as he is just defending Muhammad Amir. Let us hope this does not have future repercussions. It might not be the best thing for a rising player to have such a track record. After all, cricket is a competitive sport.

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