Shaheen Afridi has expressed disappointment following the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) release of a statement falsely attributed to him in the aftermath of his removal from the T20I captaincy.

The PCB announced Babar Azam as the new captain for white-ball cricket, replacing Shaheen Shah Afridi as the T20I skipper on Sunday.

Shaheen was left disheartened by his sudden ousting from the T20I captaincy without clear justification.

Shaheen Afridi reacts to PCB’s misleading statement

However, what troubled Shaheen even more was the inclusion of a statement attributed to him in the same press release, which he had neither approved nor endorsed.

Sources close to Shaheen revealed that he promptly contacted the board to protest against this misrepresentation.

Source: Cricinfo

Despite considering addressing the issue on social media, he refrained from doing so to prevent further escalation. Nevertheless, the left-arm fast bowler remained deeply unsettled by the incident well into the night.

The fabricated statement attributed to Shaheen expressed gratitude for his captaincy tenure and extended support to Babar Azam, emphasizing their shared goal of elevating Pakistan’s cricketing stature.

“It was an honor to lead the Pakistan National Cricket Team. I will always cherish the memories and the opportunity,” the statement quoted Shaheen as saying.

“As a team player, I am committed to supporting our captain, Babar Azam. We are all united in our aim to make Pakistan the best team in the world.”

Why was Shaheen Afridi removed as captain?

The PCB also clarified that Shaheen’s removal was part of their strategy to manage player workloads effectively and ensure sustained peak performance levels.


Recognizing the importance of rotation and rest, especially for key players like Shaheen, the board aims to safeguard the longevity of their careers.

“While Shaheen Afridi has undeniably proven himself as a star fast bowler, leading Pakistan’s pace attack over the years, the board recognises the importance of rotation and rest to maintain his peak performance,” the press release stated.

“Keeping in mind workload management, this decision is to ensure Pakistan main bowlers remain at the top of their game,” it further added.

PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi is expected to meet with Shaheen Afridi soon to address the situation and discuss the way forward, ensuring transparency and clarity in communication.

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