Remember when Pakistan beat India in the Champions Trophy and won the title of ‘World Champions’?

Remember how proud you felt at that moment, with your chest broadened with pride at those hard-working men who gave it everything they had for their country, for you?

We love our sportsmen when they are victorious when they accomplish the impossible, then why do we make fun of the same men in green who have made this nation proud? Such is an example of Shadab Khan.

He was one of the main assets Pakistan had against India to stay in the Champions Trophy and claim the title and award. However, after a girl had inboxed him and made conversation, the respected cricketer turned into a laughing stalk because of his English.

Followed by;

Then came… the mistake!

Soon, the troller got trolled himself!

And it continued!

Remember, it’s the performance on the ground in the uniform that counts not if ‘hair’ is spelt or pronounced!