7 Ways To Save Money While Living In Pakistan
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Money matters are stressful as it is, not to mention the inability to track your spending habits. Saving money is crucial to lead a stable lifestyle. Even though it is justified to splurge every once in a while, the occasional splurging can quickly get out of hand if you do not keep track of your expenses.

Saving money is not a task or a habit it’s a lifestyle built only with constant effort and dedication. So in case, you have lacked the motivation to save money, we will tell you all the foolproof ways to get ahead of the challenge.

1. Keep A Budget 

In a country where most people are employed on fixed salaries, sticking to a budget to spend an entire month within your means becomes quite a task, not to mention the constant inflation and escalation of prices. Make sure to track your expenses accordingly. The fixed budgets, including the bills and rent, are the ones that should be sorted out first. Fix the amount for utilities and try to keep a margin that can not be crossed even if needed.

The best way to keep your expenses on track is to save or note down all the payments you have made in a month to get an idea of the essential things and the ones that are just for leisure purposes.

7 Ways To Save Money While Living In Pakistan
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2. Try To Bag Discounts And Coupons 

Discounts and coupons are the best way to save some extra bucks. Invest in loyalty cards to get different points and discounts for monthly groceries. Keep track of discounts offered by your credit card and pay directly to snag extra money off.

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3. Forget About Retail Therapy 

As much it sounds therapeutic for your mind, it is not therapeutic for your bank account. A trip to the mall can leave a hole in your pocket, and you might end up regretting your purchase at the end of the month. However, if you want to spend on something, weigh up your options whether you need anything you plan to buy anytime soon. If your answer is No, you are better off not spending the money in the first place.

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4. Personal Investments And Money 

Making investments in rental or properties is an excellent way to earn some extra cash. You can rent out the property and save the money you receive as rent. Buying a property is another foolproof way to save you money since the property’s value usually increases with time. There is no loss in value.

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5. Make Extra Money With Side Businesses

It’s the era of entrepreneurs and freelancers. However, you do not need to have a degree in marketing to start your own business. You can easily offer a skill to earn some extra cash. Make sure to do your homework before you step into the mode.

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6. Get An Insurance Policy

An insurance policy makes sure to cater to all your needs in the time of need. Different insurance policies offered in Pakistan include health, life, education, marriage and others.

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7. Buy Shares To Invest Money 

Buying shares in the stock exchange is a good way of putting a sum for later. The companies need investments, and in exchange for the shares, they offer the yield of the factory among the shareholders.

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