An electricity outage in Services Hospital, Lahore’s operating rooms created havoc, posing grave challenges for patients and medical staff. In response, Punjab’s Interim Chief Minister, Mohsin Naqvi, swiftly constituted an investigation committee, chaired by the Health Secretary, to thoroughly examine the matter. The committee presented its comprehensive report during a meeting attended by key officials, including Provincial Minister Dr. Javed Akram and the Chief Secretary.

The report highlighted the failure of Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS) Principal Prof. Dr. Farooq Afzal and Medical Superintendent (MS) Dr. Ehtesham to fulfill their duties, resulting in their subsequent removal from their positions.

A viral social media video exposed the plight of doctors in the ENT operating room, struggling to perform surgeries without electricity. The generators had exhausted diesel, leading to a complete halt in essential medical equipment and subjecting patients to sweltering heat and humidity.

Taking decisive action, CM Mohsin Naqvi suspended those accountable for the negligence. However, this incident has raised significant concerns about the hospital’s preparedness during power outages and the well-being of patients in such dire circumstances. Urgent measures must address these issues and ensure the safety and comfort of patients during unforeseen disruptions.

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