SereneAir Response
Image Source: Such TV

Yesterday afternoon, on 3rd August 2020, SereneAir Responded to an issue that surfaced recently. It sparked debate all over social media, in particular, Twitter.

A twitter user, Gotam Kataria, shared a video of a SereneAir employee whose actions were unpleasant for a group of people. The actions were hurtful for a religious minority group. In his tweet, Kataria questioned whether a minority group would get equal treatment as the majority often claims in such instances.

The issue began attracting public attention with people taking sides. SereneAir quickly responded to the situation. They released a notification on Twitter, where they announced that they had taken notice of the situation.

The notification read, “Our management has taken a very serious notice of the incident and has initiated an immediate inquiry.”

They also reiterated that they neither endorse nor tolerate any expression of religious sacrileges or political biases by their employees. Following this statement, they also acknowledged that their employee had violated this policy. They further added their apology to the targetted minority group.

Moreover, they also responded to Kataria’s question regarding equal treatment in the notification. They said, “We, as a service provider, are duty-bound to treat all our valuable clients on the basis of equality and impartiality.”

In addition to this, SereneAir’s response held a promise for its consumer base. The Airline promised that they would take action regarding this act and make a complete inquiry. Moreover, they also disassociated themselves from their employee’s actions.

SereneAir is one of Pakistan’s private airlines known for rejuvenating flying experience for its customers.

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