Pakistani TikToker Sehar Hayat and her husband Sami Rasheed just announced they are expecting.

The announcement came in a video message where they got candid about their experience of dealing with pregnancy-induced mood swings as Sami went on to say that a good husband can feel everything his partner his going through. He added that he’d even name the video “We’re pregnant” since they’re both in this together.

He detailed how he now immerses himself in researching pregnancy-related topics at night, deviating from his usual content consumption.

However, the announcement faced unexpected backlash from netizens, questioning the couple’s intentions behind the video.

The Responses:

Some criticised Sami for implying superiority over other husbands, accusing him of taking undue credit for Sehar’s pregnancy.


Criticism extended to cultural beliefs, with one user questioning the couple’s decision to publicly share the news, citing cultural norms that advise against such announcements to ward off potential jinxing.


Scrutiny reached Sehar’s posture in the video, with accusations of indecency as she sat with one leg crossed over the other. Despite being fully clothed, some netizens deemed it inappropriate for a ‘mother’ to sit in such a manner.


Amidst the criticism, some users defended Sami’s perspective, urging others to avoid unnecessary drama.


However, a suggestion surfaced that the couple could have taken a noncontroversial approach by simply stating “we’re expecting” instead of using the phrase “we’re pregnant.”


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