Secrets Rich People Won’t Tell You About Their Habits And Lives
Image Source: NYPost

Most of them weren’t always getting rich. Here are some 10 suggestions from wealthy people on how to make your money count.

  • Cheap and proud of it

Secrets Rich People Won’t Tell You About Their Habits And Lives
Image Source: Live About

“When you open the paper and see those coupons, it appears like dollar bucks are glaring you down… This is how I grew up. So why not?” – Actress Hilary Swank addresses talk-show host Kelly Ripa on coupon clipping.

  • Not spending money is the same as making money

“So, if I save $2,000 by not traveling first class, it’s the same as if someone paid me $2,000. Wouldn’t you sit in an uncomfortable chair for three hours for $2,000?” – A successful plastic surgeon.

  • Going to ATM once a week and paying for everything with cash

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“That way, I’m forced to stay on a budget without counting pennies and saving receipts. I can spend only what is in my wallet. I turn it into a game where each week, I reduce my ATM withdrawal amount by $20 to determine how low I can really go.” – Alan Corey, author of A Million Bucks by 30

  • Gutsy with their jobs

“When negotiating a new wage, always conclude with a request for a nine-month review rather than the standard 12-month evaluation. It is always authorized, and it provides you with a three-month head start on a future wage increase or bonus.” – Alan Corey

  • They’re just like us

“Millionaires often pay approximately $16 for a haircut at a standard barbershop, including tip.” – University of Georgia Survey Research Institute researchers

  • They aren’t as smart as we think

Image Source: Oxbridge

“When you have money, it’s astonishing how much wiser everyone believes you are. I was asked to speak at a conference I had been wanting to speak at for six years two days after I sold my firm.” – Peter Shankman, entrepreneur and angel investor.

  • Don’t quit till you get the deal

“I once went all the way to the top of Dell’s customer service for an issue with an out-of-warranty computer, and I was delivered a new one the following day. If you are ready to work your way up the chain, you will almost certainly find someone who is willing to bend the rules to resolve a complaint and solve the problem.” – August Turak

  • Accept risk to achieve success

“I was working at AOL in the 1990s when the company let go of 300 people. I was one of them. The movie Titanic was coming out, so I took my rent money and had 500 T-shirts printed that read, ‘It sank. Get over it.’ If I didn’t sell those shirts, I was homeless. I sold 500 shirts in six hours and made five grand. Then I called USA Today and gave a reporter the story. I sold 10,000 shirts on the Web over the next two months and ultimately racked up 100 grand. That was my very first company”. – Peter Shankman

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