WhatsApp lock new feature on chat
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WhatsApp is one of the most widely-used applications of all time. When it first came out, people began to wonder how far its potential would go. Today, it has a plethora of features that make its usability quite convenient for many people. No matter what smartphone you have, this application is a necessity to have on it. That said, WhatsApp has just released a new feature for its users and its quite an interesting one.

According to source, the application has now introduced the feature of locked chats. Yes, you can now lock specific private chats that you do not want people peering into. This applies to both chats and group types and it can allow people to hide their chats. While there is a security concern with this feature, it is also something that can keep confidential chats confidential.

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WhatsApp Privacy

It is quite difficult to have a moment of privacy when it comes to the internet. A lot of people are often heard saying that internet security is a myth. However, the locked chats feature that WhatsApp has offered does have a slight intrigue to it. It can allow people to lock their chats, and it can be either locked with a password or a fingerprint. While the password option is certainly more secure, the fingerprint one is slightly less.

If anyone else gets access to your phone and adds their fingerprint to it, it is bound to let them access any locked chats as well. However, that is the only way the locked chats can be accessed by anyone other than you. To access this feature, simply head to the chat and then to the settings of the chat. Scroll down and you will see the option to lock the chat.

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New Features Everyday

WhatsApp seems to be coming up with more innovative features everyday. Not only does it now let the user send view-once videos, but it also lets people instantly records videos and send them. We urge everyone to update their application so they may be able to use any new feature that is released.

Another interesting thing about this new feature is that you can even use emojis as the past code. Yes, anyone who wants to break into your chat will be busy trying number and alphabet combinations!

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