Let’s be honest grey hair is something we’ve all seen, whether it’s on our own heads or those of others. And some people even think of grey hair as their biggest fear. They’re like unwelcome guests that never seem to leave. But at least we can all agree on the fact that we’re all in this grey-hair struggle together. Surprisingly, scientists may have found a way to preserve our natural hair color. So, can we say bye-bye to grey hair now?

Researchers in New York have made a discovery that might be surprising but true. Apparently, there are special stem cells, known as melanocyte stem cells (McSCs), that basically help improve the hair follicles. They can move around between different growth compartments in the hair follicle. And while scientists may not be able to call upon these McSCs to keep our hair luscious and youthful forever, it’s still pretty cool to know that they’re out there and our natural hair color may be preserved.

Image Source: Sky News

According to the researchers, certain stem cells called melanocyte stem cells (McSCs) have the unique ability to move between different growth compartments in hair follicles. However, they also discovered that as hair ages, sheds, and regrows, a growing number of these stem cells get trapped in a compartment called the hair follicle bulge. This can prevent the stem cells from returning to their original location, where they could have regenerated into pigment cells to preserve hair color.

Researchers are hopeful that their recent findings could actually maintain hair health and color in old age. In their study, the scientists focused on melanocyte stem cells (McSCs), which play a crucial role in hair color for both mice and humans. The researchers at NYU discovered that McSCs are adaptable and move back and forth between compartments of the developing hair follicle. This movement causes the cells to have different levels of protein signals, which can influence their level of maturity.

Image Source: UAB

The research team is now looking into potential ways of restoring the motility of McSCs or physically moving them back to their germ compartment. By doing so, the cells can produce pigment and prevent hair from turning gray. The hope is that this research will lead to breakthroughs in hair health and maintenance for people of all ages.

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