Research by Scientists on talking to dead
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The world is full of various forms of mysteries and queries. You may often find yourself going through certain experiences. Some of these are pleasant, whereas others fill you full of dread. Human beings have a tendency to attach objects with memories. So whenever they see that particular object, a memory is triggered. This is also why it can be difficult for people to come to terms with grief. This is because objects associated with memories remind them of their loved ones.

Now where there are such experiences, there are those that do not just limit themselves to this world. This is where we enter into the paranormal zone. You are already aware of this due to the heightened references in pop culture and stories told by people. This includes the presence of ghosts, spirits as well as communication of the dead. Scientists are now trying to understand how some people are able to hear the dead.

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Paranormal Activity

As the title above suggests, it is a reference to a popular movie. It may not be an entirely truthful experience or the most accurate, but that film does deliver some moments that may strike with people. The depictions in it portray the presence of spirits in a household and cameras that capture their activities.

Now, in recent studies being done, Scientists are trying to understand a phenomenon. They are trying to get a grasp of how a select number of people are able to communicate with the dead. This means actually finding ways to talk to your loved ones who have passed. They conducted a survey too, whose results we will now tell you.

Communication With The Deceased

People who are able to communicate with the deceased are often referred to as spiritualists. They have this ability where they claim to have talked to people from the other realm. Whether it is their loved ones or people they don’t even know, they have said to be able to communicate. A survey by Scientists revealed that a vast majority of spiritualists believe in the paranormal.

Many of them claim to hear the voices of the dead on a daily basis too. According to the survey, they were also less likely to be able to care about other people’s opinions. Additionally, scientists also reported that these people are more prone to hallucinations. It has long been debated whether schizophrenia plays a role in this, but there is more work.

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Scary Experiences

Every one of us has had such experiences. Even if someone is able to talk to the dead, it doesn’t mean the experience is a cakewalk for them. If they were doing it for the first time, one could imagine just how terrifying it can be to hear the voice of the dead.

Of course, it is seen that people are able to harness this ability and use it in various ways. With this enters the concept of allowing other people to communicate too. This way, people who cannot hear the dead often try contacting them through the spiritualists.

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