School re-opening
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As schools are set to re-open from coming Tuesday, many parents will be sending their kids to school with hesitancy, anxiety, and uncertainty. Sending a piece of your heart into the public where they may get exposed to a deadly virus is sure to keep everyone feeling agitated.

However, as much as we may hate it, this is the new normal, and we have to adapt. Lives have to move forward, and they can do so with this list! Here are six tips you can take into account, as a parent, when schools re-open:

1. Prepare A School Kit

This time the back to school kit will be different, but it’s worth it. Create a school kit that includes five cloth masks that are acceptable to and are comfortable on their children, a bottle of sanitizer safe to use, and some alcohol wipes to disinfect. 

schools in coronavirus
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2. Monitor Your Child At Home

Parents can take on the responsibility of knowing the health symptoms of COVID-19 and screen their children at home. Temperature screenings, which many schools are trying to do, come at a high cost but are not adequate detectors of COVID-19. Parents already know to screen for many childhood ailments: flu, conjunctivitis, pinworms, lice, etc. They will be good screeners.

3. Don’t Send Them If A Family Member Is Showing Symptoms

Be prepared to keep your child at home if they or any family member starts showing a symptom. That does not mean they will necessarily have contracted the virus, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

4. Make Sure Your Child Is Protected Medically

Make sure all of your child’s immunizations are up to date and provide the school with a doctor’s determination if their child is in a high-risk category for COVID-19.

5. Pep Talk Your Kids

You need to prepare your children for different school experience. Talk to your children about the need to follow new rules in schools for physical distancing, mask-wearing, and personal hygiene, and why this is important.  

schools in coronavirus
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This different experience can also take a toll on them mentally, so make sure you’re by their side in support.

6. Have Your Kids Know It All

Make sure your children know about handwashing technique and wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water right before leaving for school, and as soon as they get home from school.

schools in coronavirus
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