education is now responsibility of father
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Education is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life. It is essential for a person to understand how the world works, and gain the necessary knowledge to function and move forward. It may not be something that everyone has but it is something that everyone is encouraged to get, no matter what stage of life. Not only does it help you think about the world more deeply, it helps you grasp a situation from more than one perspective.

It is also something that we believe is needed more and more in our country than ever. In regards to this, the Supreme Court has made a new ruling. The Supreme Court has ruled that fathers are accountable for their children’s maintenance as per Shariah and civil law. Justice Syed Hassan Azhar Rizvi emphasized the importance of quality education for children in a recent eight-page judgment.

SC rules for fathers to handle education
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Getting The Necessary Education

It may not be something that some people give importance to, but having an education provided for a child is something they will never regret. The supreme court ruling came after a case involving a woman, seeking maintenance for her six-month-old daughter after divorce, came forward. Initially, the family court ordered a maintenance amount of Rs.1,000/- per month, later increased to Rs.25,000/- in 2021.

The father contested the decision citing financial constraints due to his Rs.60,000 pension and family obligations. The Supreme Court affirmed that maintenance encompasses all essentials for living, including children’s education expenses, obliging the father to support his daughter’s education until her graduation and employment.

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Education for All

Of course, we know that there are a lot of hard-working mothers and fathers present that already do support their children, no matter what. You will see them moving heaven and earth to make sure their children never face any adversity in life that they did. The parents must always be appreciated for their effort, no matter if its the mother or the father. It is something for which no amount of gratitude is enough.

That said, now the Supreme Court has made it mandatory for fathers to provide for their children. This ought to give a push to those who hesitate or refuse to do so. It is important to provide an education for your children so they can find their way in this world better.

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