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Get ready to witness a burst of creativity as the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) kickstarts the process for a brand new banknote series. In an exciting move, an Art Competition has been organized to infuse innovation and thematic richness into the designs. This is not just a competition but an opportunity for local artists, designers, and art students to leave an indelible mark on the visual identity of Pakistan’s currency.

The canvas is wide open for participants with themes ranging from social and cultural identities to demographic diversity, climate change, economic development, natural landscapes, architectural heritage, and national symbols. The SBP encourages artists to think outside the box, urging them to bring forth novel designs that encapsulate the essence of these diverse themes.

Submission Details

Artists can let their imaginations soar by submitting designs for all seven existing denominations or fewer based on their preference. The designs should be presented in hard copy on white paper accompanied by a concise write-up of no more than a hundred words in either English or Urdu, explaining the design and its thematic significance.

Adding a vibrant touch to the competition, the SBP emphasizes that the colors of each banknote denomination should be unique and easily distinguishable. This not only enhances visual appeal but also ensures clarity in identifying different denominations.

Jury’s Role and Lucrative Rewards

A panel of esteemed artists will form the jury, tasked with evaluating the submitted designs. The top six designs for each denomination will be recommended to the SBP for the final selection. The stakes are high, with hefty cash prizes awaiting the winners – Rs.1,000,000/-, Rs.500,000/-, and Rs.300,000/- for the first, second, and third designs of each denomination, respectively.



Legalities and Exclusivity

Participants are reminded to ensure that their designs are free from copyright claims or any liabilities. The submitted designs become the sole property of the SBP. Allowing the institution the liberty to share or modify the designs for the purpose of banknote production. Without any extra compensation to the designers.

While the SBP is eager to see the public’s creativity, certain individuals, including members of the Jury, SBP, and its subsidiaries’ employees, along with their family members, are not eligible to participate. The goal is to maintain a fair and unbiased competition.

Got Questions?

For those itching to clarify doubts or seek more information, the SBP opens the doors of communication at It’s a chance to dive deep into the intricacies of the competition and ensure that every participant is well-informed and ready to unleash their artistic brilliance.

So, if you’re an artist ready to make your mark on the visual narrative of Pakistan’s currency. Gear up, paint your ideas, and submit them to the Director, Finance Department, State Bank of Pakistan, I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi, by 11th March 2024. The canvas is yours, and the nation is eager to see the masterpiece you create. May the most imaginative designs grace the future of Pakistan’s banknotes!

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