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In an advancing move, Sazgar Engineering Works Limited has clinched the coveted license for manufacturing electric rickshaws. Marking a pivotal moment for Lahore’s transportation landscape. The license was officially handed over by Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi. In a ceremony that buzzed with optimism and a commitment to eco-friendly mobility.

Improved Transportation

The event wasn’t just about licensing; it was a roadmap to transform the way people commute in Lahore. Chief Minister Naqvi didn’t just hand over a piece of paper; he symbolically ignited the spark for a cleaner, greener future for the province.

Imagine the streets of Lahore humming with the quiet hum of electric rickshaws. A shift that promises not just reduced noise pollution but a tangible impact on the environment. Naqvi, with enthusiasm lighting up his face, announced plans to put 26 thousand electric motorbikes and rickshaws on the roads, all without the shackles of interest.

2021 - Sazgar Engineering Works Limited
Source: Sazgar Engineering

For students, there’s a fleet of 10,000 e-bikes; working women get 2,000, while 2,000 e-three-wheelers are earmarked for differently-abled individuals. The general public will soon have access to 10,000 e-rickshaws, and government employees will receive 2,000 e-bikes. It’s not just a shift in transportation; it’s a revolution touching every segment of society.

Avoiding petrol powered vehicles

Naqvi didn’t stop there; he banned the procurement of petrol-powered motorbikes at the government level across the province. The future, according to him, is electric, and this bold move aims to accelerate the transition.

Applauding the Bank of Punjab for supporting the government’s initiative, Naqvi announced the launch of the Qingqi Rickshaw Registration Program, signaling a comprehensive approach to integrating electric rickshaws into the mainstream transportation network.

Global and local outreach

Punjab Govt Gives First E-Rickshaw Manufacturing License To Sazgar - WE News
Source: We News

The ceremony was graced by the presence of not just local luminaries but international representatives, including the Consul General of China, Mr. Zhao Shiren, and the Consul General of America, Ms. Kirstin K. Hawkins. This eclectic gathering underlines the global significance of Lahore’s move towards electric transportation.

As the electric revolution gains momentum, Lahore stands at the forefront, setting an inspiring example for other cities to follow suit. Sazgar’s license isn’t just a piece of paper; it’s a key to unlocking a future where clean, green, and sustainable mobility is the norm, not the exception. Get ready, Lahore, the electric rickshaws are coming, and they’re here to stay!

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