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The ongoing pandemic, CoronaVirus has been spreading rapidly throughout the world. In order to take preventative measures, various workplaces have taken different steps to limit the spreading of the virus within their premises. A recent post went viral on social media after Saudi company, state-owned oil-giant Aramco had a migrant worker serving as a human hand sanitizer.

The worker who appears to be of South Asian origin, featured him wearing a big white box that dispenses an antiseptic hand sanitizer.

Source: Twitter

The pictures were shared all over the internet where one can see images of different employees using the dispenser to sanitize their hands.

Source: Twitter

The scene was met with heavy criticism from people all over, not only was it shocking but extremely disrespectful to the migrant worker. The pictures sparked a debate about the fate of such workers in Saudi Arabia

The human hand sanitizer practice by Aramco was condemned by renowned journalists, human rights activists and the general public too!


People were furious to see such unethical practices been followed by the oil giant. Some went on to Twitter and called it a ‘Shocking contempt for human dignity’.


One Twitterati called out the practice as a form of ‘slavery’


Aramco soon issued a public apology after they received major backlash on social media.


The apology translated by ABC News reads as follows,

“Saudi Aramco would like to express its extreme dismay at this offensive behavior that was aimed at emphasizing the importance of sterilization, this was taken without the approval of the concerned company.”

However, some people pointed out that the company did not send out a direct apology to the man serving as a hand sanitizer.



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